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Performance Six Sigma

About Us

Our Experience


Whit over 20 years designing and implementing business performance management systems, as executives and consultants, in a variety of industries across the Americas, we are now sharing our passion by empowering others through coaching, mentoring, and training. We will outfit you and your team with the necessary tools to overcome challenges and innovate in your field. Moreover, we will support you along the way to put you on a solid track to success and growth.

Our Approach


Our service starts with a preliminary assessment to define the scope of the solution that better fits your needs as well as the setting and cascading of project goals to track success.  Along the implementation, we will carefully monitor satisfaction to stay tuned to the opportunities and challenges that may come our way. As much as we thrive for overachievement, we aim for sustainable results. Therefore, we will do our best to provide a comprehensive plan for continuous improvement. After all, your success is our business!

Why Us?


We understand that business is made off people, even in this era of artificial intelligence. As such, there is more into achieving results than processes and numbers: people must be able to change without disaggregating, which requires acceptance and learning. It is common sense that we learn more through experience than through advice and in this context, business mentors and coaches are key.    

Whether you need to lead your team throughout change or are struggling to change for yourself, we want to give you the time and guidance you need to succeed. Together we’ll face the challenges, apply six sigma to identify causes and solutions, and surf the waves of change toward sustainable results.

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