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Performance Six Sigma Coaching & Mentoring

Performance Six Sigma Coaching & Mentoring

Are you sick of spending hours in training sessions but, when the time comes to put it into practice, you get lost in so many methods and tools?

If so, our Performance Six Sigma six-month program is right for you!

We provide one-on-one support combining two coaching session per month to help you with your project, along with one mentoring session to bring to the table other Six Sigma tools that may be necessary for long-term success.

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Lean & Six Sigma Training and Certification

Lean & Six Sigma Training and Certification

Whether you are a project champion, a process owner, or a team member,  challenged with a strategic goal, a breakthrough solution, or an improvement project, we will customize a training program to fit your needs. Moreover, if you are seeking a career boost trough Yellow or Green Belt certifications, we can help you not only with passing the exam but feeling confident to use this powerful knowledge onto real-world problems and projects.

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Business Performance Management Consulting

Business Performance Management Consulting

Looking for implementing Management by Objectives (MBO) in your organization to ensure across-the-board alignment? Even maybe need some help streamlining processes to deliver in tune with the business goals? Or perhaps your challenge is the performance and motivation of the team? Whatever is it that keeps you up at night, we can tailor a business and management consulting project to get you the results you need to succeed. 

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